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What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Riddle Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please give Riddle Chiropractic a call with any questions.

Improved Posture

“I was referred to the office by my significant other, when he invited me to attend a dinner talk with him. I came in initially because I had an achy back and neck and because my stance was crooked. After starting care my posture has dramatically improved (I’m growing taller!) and I experienced less aches and pains!


The overall care and office atmosphere is wonderful. The staff is sweet and caring. Also, the classes are great, I have learned a lot and the explanations are clear and informative.

If I had not started with chiropractic care, my health would have been headed down the drain. I will continue to see increased improvements in my general health and will have better posture and fewer neck spasms as I continue with chiropractic for life.” – Sue A.

Better Physically and Emotionally

“I was introduced to Riddle Chiropractic through the YMCA. I was intrigued by his positive attitude and healthful philosophy which is what allowed me to make the decision to begin care. Upon my first visit to his office I learned that I was extremely subluxated which made sense as to why I was experiencing chronic pain and fatigue. Since I started chiropractic care, I feel better physically and emotionally. I for see myself continuing care with Dr. Riddle in order to maintain this correction. I am so much more aware of signals that my body displays. I used to sit for hours at work without even thinking about the damage it was doing. Now I get the stress signal loud and clear. GET UP! MOVE!” – Catherine H.

Surgery Avoided!

“I was to undergo surgery on bladder repair and uterine removal. Dr. Nate said he said he would be able to help my body heal naturally. When I saw my OB-GYN, he looked confused upon checking my files. It turned out that in just SIX weeks of adjusting my spine, Dr. Nate (the Magnificent) removed interference to my central nervous allowing my body to reposition my uterus back in a healthy position and removal was no longer needed. This saved me an additional 1½ hours of additional anesthesia and surgery. I, my doctor, and my fiancee’ were amazed.


I have recommended only two people in my adulthood whom I knew would give the best service to my friends and family and Dr. Nate is now the third. I would unequivocally recommend chiropractic to anyone wanting to live a better quality of life.” – Chrisa K.

Better Energy and Attitude

“I heard of Riddle Chiropractic through the Webster Chamber. I began seeing Dr. Riddle because of my need and belief in healing. I learned on my first visit to his office that my health could be greatly improved with regular adjustments. My life has changed greatly since I began chiropractic care. I no longer have to take medications that I was previously taking, my energy and attitude have increased. I definitely foresee myself maintaining this correction in the future. I feel improvement in my movement as well as physical signs of improvement too! My cortisol deposits have literally vanished in my upper back.” – Jan G.

Nerve and Back Pain Gone

“I heard of Riddle Chiropractic from my place of employment. I started chiropractic care to find out if it would help me with my back pain and nerve condition in my leg. When I first came to the office, I learned that subluxation can affect my health and well being. My vision has become clearer since I began chiropractic care. The pain I was experiencing was also gone and my nerves don’t bother me anymore. I plan to continue this correction in the future to maintain my health. The openness and pleasant atmosphere in the office makes you feel welcomed at each and every visit, unlike the traditional setting of a dentist or doctor’s office. The information you receive is straight forward and helpful.” – Steve G.

Better Sleep

“I heard about Riddle Chiropractic from my daughter Laura . I was experiencing right sided hip, groin and lower back pain. When I first came to Dr. Riddle’s office, I learned that my spine and neck were not the correct shape. My spine was not straight and my neck had no curvature. My life and health have changed in so many ways since coming to Dr. Riddle. First, my overall health has improved. I am taking walks with my dog, when before it was too painful for me to do such simple activity. I have stopped taking medication for inflammation, which is a big plus. Sleeping was very painful before as well. Now, I can have a good night’s rest with no pain. My wife and I both agree that we foresee maintaining this correction in the future.” – James C.

Clearer Thinking, Voice Improved

“I saw the Wednesday free classes Dr. Riddle was giving and met him then. I had back injuries from being in the nursing profession. I had a chiropractor where I used to live and already knew how great the care is. Dr. Riddle’s care provided a whole year of treatment and I have never felt better. I couldn’t sing and never knew it was because my neck curve was changing. My thinking has cleared up, my voice is back, my sleeping and energy is better. Chiropractic should be a part of everyone’s wellness program. I tell all my clients just how wonderful I feel. What’s not to like? Dr. Riddle listens, cares, he teaches, he recommends we all take charge of our health and makes decisions that help us stay healthy! Thank you and blessings!” – Sandra B.

Skin Hives Gone!

“ I heard about Dr. Riddle from my daughter. I was experiencing neck and back pain which is what brought me to see Dr. Riddle. When I first came to the office, I learned that my spine was out of alignment. My health has since improved leaving me in less pain in my neck and the hives on my body have disappeared. His care has also helped my back pain as well and I am feeling much better than when I first walked through his doors. I see myself continuing to maintain optimal health with this correction in the future. This program is very positive and helpful allowing one to feel good about themselves.” – Judy C.

Migraines Vanished

“I was referred to Dr. Riddle’s office by my sister in law, who started out as a patient, and then became an assistant for Dr. Riddle. She would come home and tell me all of the interesting facts about chiropractic, knowing that I was very interested in the health of my family and me. I was suffering from migraines about 2-3 times a week. I was using Excedrin daily to prevent the migraines, although that didn’t always work.


These migraines were a huge problem for me and my family, because most of the time I could only sleep to get any alleviation, and I have a toddler at home I need to attend to. My health has changed drastically since being under chiropractic care. Some of the amazing things I have been experiencing through my 8 months of chiropractic care are regular menstrual cycles, the migraines have literally vanished, increased energy, and overall better quality of life. If I wasn’t under chiropractic care I know that the excessive use of pain relievers would have destroyed my stomach and liver. I also know that the subluxations that sat quietly in my spine would have killed me, eventually. I can see myself benefiting from chiropractic care for life, because the adjustments let my innate intelligence regulate and heal my body from the daily life stresses. Also, I have gained knowledge from Dr. Riddle about nutrition to help me reach optimal health. I love everything about chiropractic. My body can self regulate and heal on its own, without any drugs. I love the rush of energy I feel after my adjustments, and I love the peaceful atmosphere of the office.” – Katie M.

Instant Relief

“I met Dr. Nate by chance one day while picking up my dry cleaning. I was drawn to both he and his wife’s positive energies from across the parking lot! After talking and discovering his profession, I confided to him that health wise, I was “less than perfect”…in fact, I was feeling “beyond bad” with miserable pain in my neck and shoulder, and even tingling and numbness in my face, arms, and shoulders as well. At this point, even bending over triggered severe symptoms and the above reactions.


I know that I may sound like a broken record with my aches and pains but I want you to understand that at this point in my life, the pain was so bad that it completely consumed me, made me feel depressed, and even hopeless. After visiting Dr. Nate at his office, he and his staff made me feel welcome, relaxed, and completely comfortable as I took the necessary steps to let the healing process begin! Since I have been under the care of Dr. Riddle and his staff, I have seen instant results and feel I am taking positive steps every day at being the best I can be in every possible way! I can honestly say that Riddle Chiropractic is #1 and the best of 100 offices that I have seen over the last 30 years! It is 200% sincerity, care, and love!! So the next time your surgeon or orthopedist tells YOU that “that’s life” and “we can only offer you prescriptions or surgery to lessen the pain or provide temporary relief tell them “I’m going chiropractic for life and I WILL feel better, naturally!”

Parker Z.

Carpal Tunnel Pain Gone

“I met Dr. Riddle at a Fair at the Dome Arena in October 2009. I had just been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and arthritis in both thumbs. Since starting chiropractic care the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has decreased almost to the point of being nonexistent. The arthritis has also lessened. Furthermore, I am happy to report that I no longer have a lower backache every morning, which I used to get before I started chiropractic. The sinus problems have gotten better as well. After seeing my initial X-Rays I learned that I would have had severe arthritis in my neck and lower back. I was very close to having the vertebrae fused by the arthritis, causing loss of flexibility and movement. Maybe I will be spared being stooped over with a stiff neck when I get older. I can see from my first year end X-Rays that the deterioration of my spine has been slowed or even stopped, and I plan to continue treatments to be able to hold on to the progress I’ve made in the first year. I like the very friendly atmosphere of the office. When I walk in, it’s more like I am visiting good friends as opposed to entering a sterile, “strictly business” doctor’s office.”

Richard D.

Spine Controls Everything

“I was introduced to Riddle Chiropractic through the YMCA, Driving Park location. I was brought to start care with him due to some pain I was having. When I first came to his office I learned that everything revolves around our spine and how well it is properly aligned. Since I have been receiving care from Dr. Riddle, my pain has lessened which has enabled me to increase my daily activity. I do foresee myself maintaining this correction in the future. The research that Dr. Riddle has presented has educated and motivated me to make healthful choices to improve my quality of life.”

Victoria E.

Less Pain, More Mobility

“I heard about Riddle Chiropractic through Gali, Dr. Nate’s wife. I had been experiencing years of chronic neck pain. I felt that it was my responsibility to seek some type of care for this issue. I started to realize that my health was important for me to maintain. After I started chiropractic care I was in less pain and had more mobility. My overall health improved. I will, without a doubt, maintain this correction for a lifetime.”

Harry B.

Better Posture and Self Esteem

“I noticed that my posture was changing. It seemed like I was beginning to stoop forward and that comments were made that I looked shorter. I laughed and said that I was wearing lower heels, but I knew that I was shrinking in height.


Dr. Riddle came into my life this past summer in a social pool-setting get together.

I decided to attend a workshop at his office and signed up for adjustments after I heard some positive testimonials. I was hoping that I too could be helped.

I have been getting adjustments for 2 months now and people are seeing a change in my posture. I feel taller and my self-esteem is rising too. I feel bubbly and healthier. I am productive, motivated and happy within me because of this wonderful thing I am doing for myself. Thank you Dr. Riddle!”

Lynn G.

Can Walk Without Pain and Cholesterol Better

“I learned of Riddle Chiropractic at Lori’s Natural Foods, where he was doing a spinal screening. I was immediately drawn to his boyish charm. Ha ha. When I came to Dr. Riddle’s office for the first time, I learned that my health was not too good. Chiropractic care has changed my life in so many ways. I can now walk without pain and my cholesterol levels have decreased. I can also sit straighter in my chair. I foresee myself maintaining this correction in the future. It’s such a wonderful feeling to walk without pain.”

Marilyn G.

Chiropractic Works

“I was referred to Dr. Nate’s office at the women’s health fair in Henrietta in November of 2009. At this point in my life I was experiencing low energy, digestive problems, a need for a change in diet and lifestyle. Since I began under chiropractic care, I have noticed an overall improvement in my digestion, my headaches are less frequent, and I have better posture, as well as more energy overall and after my adjustments.


If over the next 15 years or so I should decide to neglect chiropractic as part of my lifestyle, I feel I would experience a gradual deterioration of my organs along with poor posture and become more sedentary. I feel motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating properly, exercising regularly, thus increasing my metabolism and energy levels. I also, with the help of chiropractic care and Dr. Nate, foresee myself relying less on drugs and harmful chemicals in the not so distant future. The thing I like BEST about Riddle Chiropractic is that in addition to improving my overall health, the office itself is caring, very pro-natural in their health methods, and overall lay back with proven results. Additional benefits I have experienced include:

  • Emotional and physical energy release after my adjustments.
  • Headaches have diminished
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved eyesight
  • Better circulation

My adjustments feel like:

  • Small bubble wrap popping
  • Sometimes I see blue or purple lights with my eyes
  • Sometimes slight pain, with an immediate edge of relief, then warm sensations traveling up my spine and out into all 4 limbs. WOW!”

Kathleen C.