One of the biggest obstacles facing those looking to eliminate pain and improve health, is finding a way to make it work financially. This is especially true among those who do not have healthcare coverage, as well as those in need of services that are sometimes not covered. At Riddle Wellness in Rochester, we understand the financial challenges facing many families and individuals today. And that's why we're proud to offer Care Credit, a unique finance option that allows you to make monthly payments for your treatment and health services over time.

Care Credit is essentially a healthcare credit card that's used exclusively for payment of health and wellness needs, including chiropractic treatment, pain elimination, weight loss and much more.

How Care Credit Works

After a simple application process, you'll be informed of how much you're approved for.  Care Credit can be used on treatments of $200 or more, and offers short term no-interest if paid in full by the specified date. One of our staff members or their customer support can review all of the options with you, in order to determine which payment scenario best suits your needs.

Wide Range of Payment Terms

For smaller or more routine procedures over $200, you have the option of financing health treatments and services from anywhere between six and twenty-four months.  In the case of more significant treatments or those requiring ongoing therapy or rehabilitation, you can go as long as 60 months with the added benefit of a reduced APR, pending your specific credit approval.

Learn More or Apply for Care Credit in Rochester NY

If you're interested in learning more about how to finance health services such as pain elimination, injury rehab, chiropractor visits, weight loss programs and more, get in touch with Riddle Wellness in Rochester at 585-670-0020.  You can also apply directly on their site or calculate your monthly payment by visiting the Care Credit website.